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http://www.buyguzheng.com/guzheng/rosewood-guzheng/ purchase Rosewood zither Rosewood Professional playing Zheng Tian Yun Rosewood Professional surface Zheng, select the finest Rosewood wood for the main materials, meticulously hewing system. Adhering to the "Avenue to Jane" concept, the preservation of Rosewood "true", implicit and introverted, tone treble clear pure, rich and colorful, bass full of transparent. "Material and Craft" Red sandalwood is the t


November 21 2017

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double mast climber

About Us
CABRConstruction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-owned high-tech company, affiliated to Institute of Building Mechanization, China Academy of Building Research.
CABR combining design, manufacturing, installation and after-sale service in one, backs on the institute’s technical strength and with our perfect inspection methods, advanced process equipment, strict quality management system, we have been continually providing new technology and products to both domestic and overseas market.
With strong technical strength, our company is playing a leading role in technical development in the industry. The company participated in the GB/19154-2003 Permanently Installed Suspended Access Equipment and other relevant standards. And we also take the research and development job from Nine-five to Eleventh-five for National Key Technological Supportive projects.
Product list: Construction hoist, mast climbing platform, rebar machinery, concrete and mortar machinery, Building maintenance unit (BMU), self erected tower crane, etc.
To catch up with the international step, we have adopted international standards for manufacture for many years, and all quality has been being improved.

Our Factory
CABR is located in Langfang, between Beijing and Tianjin, 80km away from Beijing Capital International Airport. It takes one and a half hours by car and 20 minutes by train to Beijing, and two hours to Tianjin Seaport. As a global supplier of construction machinery, CABR is to create added value for customers around the world.

Our Product
CABR Products include the following:
1.Construction hoist
2.Building maintenance unit (BMU)
3.Rebar machinery
china wire mesh tray

CHANGZHOU QIAOBANG STORAGE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. was founded in 2004. Our company is a large-scale manufacturer integrated with development、production、trade and is mainly engaged in producing and selling sorts of wire mesh cable trays and storage devices. Our company not only possesses advanced production equipments, but also has an excellent working team. Various products can meet customers' different needs.
Main products: wire mesh cable tray, storage cage, wire mesh products, isolation network, different kinds of shelves, sheet metal parts, stamping parts and other products primarily for power, engineering machinery, logistics, warehousing, and supporting other industries. And we also own a galvanized production line. All line is automatic, and raw material is trivalent chromium.
The certificates we have gotten include : ISO9001,CE . Further standardize the system of product quality. We import UL. We will be in the "quality first, reputation first, service first" business purpose, and to constantly improve the company's product quality, better to service our customer.
Business Philosophy: the company will follow" mutual benefit and common development" principle, co-operate with customers in various forms. We would like to be your best reliable partner.
Company Policy: Quality-oriented, Continual improvement, Customer-focused.china wire mesh tray
High Speed Express Mail Envelope Making Machine


2.Machine introduction:
This machine is a kind of advanced domestic processing chopstick bag,knife and fork bag,medicine bag.
Produce size: min 0.98 inch *2.75 inch max 4.64 inch*11.41 inch

3.Technical Parameter:
Maximum operating speed20000pcs/h
Range of processed products25*70-118*290mm
Applied paper Grams30-200g/m2
Electricity capacity4.1Kw
Weight of Machine1000kgs
Machine dimensions( L x W x H)1750x850x1280mm

4.Process sketch map :

5.Pictures of Samples :

High Speed Express Mail Envelope Making Machine
cheap energy saving zinc carbonate drying equipment

Liaoning Dongda Power Engineering Technology Company has begun the research and design of powder technologies and the equipments on drying,calcining and heat resource equipment from 1990s.On the application of natural gypsum and chemical gypsum,our company focuses on the research of process and equipment and the design of specified equipment matched with the process and equipment and design of specified equipment matched with the process.With the accumulating experiences,our company has achieved success and the praise of customer on process and engineering system design as well as the applicaiton of the specific process equipment.

With the considerationfo energy saving and environmental protection, Dongda Power focuses on the researches on the comprehensive utilization of chemical gypsum according to the customer requirement and invents and constrctiing processes such as building gypsum powder process,block plate process, retarder process, plastering sypsum process and alpha (α) gypsum process to meet the requirements of market and customer.

Factory capability
The company has a complete system of research, design, manufacture, installation and debugging, after-sale service, and the relevant engineering technicians. The manufacture base occupies an area of 400,000 m2 with modern machining equipment and core equipment for a general manufacture company. The annual manufacture capability can reach more than 100 million yuan in cooperation with the group company.

Our company has been sticking to the concept of human oriented and advanced scientific technology. Our science and technology employees are continually making renovations and keeping advance level domestically and internationally in drying, calcinations, heat sourcing and powder technologies.

The company has developed a variety of dryers with flash evaporation technology as the representative. Several products are ranked into projects of China Torch Program and state level new products. Several products are awarded national patents. The flash evaporation technology and its equipment with a performance of sale and cooperation of more than 400 sets domestic and abroad

The company conducted its leading "swirling dynamic calciner" research in calcinations technology domestically and abroad and win national patent. It is first applied in decomposition of oxides as nickel oxide, cobalt oxide, zinc oxide, calcium oxide, etc. It is first used to property modification and purification in materials of ferroboron, kaolin, cryolite, calcium sulphate, and ardealite phosphogysum. We have business relations with more than 500 companies in China and have business relations and technological cooperation with dozen of big chemical companies, such as: Shandong Qilu Petrochemical, Jiangxi Jiujiang Petrochemical, Gansu Jinchuan Company, Shenyang Chemical Industries Group, Northeast Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Chlorine Alkali Company, Shanghai Baosteel Group Corp., Chengde Vanadium and Titanium Company, Beijing Huaneng Group, Datang Corp Group, etc.

Internationally we conduct business and trade communications with more than ten countries as Finland, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and North Korea. Also we have good cooperation relationships with more than ten universities and institutes in China.

The Company is striving to create a harmonious culture atmosphere in the enterprise, to build up a consolidated upward team spirit, to regularly organize professional training, technical communications to company employees, to send employees to study and learning abroad. We endeavor to make the employees dedicated to the Company, love to work, and to enjoy an understanding and cooperative working environment to create outstanding performance.cheap energy saving zinc carbonate drying equipment
voiture électrique conduite de main gauche a une grande vitesse

Notre histoire
A propos de LIFAN
Pendant 25 ans, Lifan Group est en route, où les orages sont éclairés par la prospérité.
Fondée en 1992, Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co. Ltd. (Ci-après appelé Lifan Group) avec plus de 10 481 employés et l'une des plus grandes entreprises privées en Chine.
Le groupe Lifan est une grande entreprise privée dévouée sur la recherche et le développement scientifiques incluant la fabrication et la vente des moteurs, des machines générales, des automobiles et des moteurs, entrant également dans la finance, les valeurs mobilières et l’immobilier.

En 2016, Lifan Holdings a réalisé un chiffre d'affaires de 37 881 milliards de RMB, y compris la production et la vente de 234 800 voitures, 1,0963 millions de motos, 3,2264 millions de moteurs et 366 000 moteurs à usage général.

Le 25 novembre 2010, Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd a été coté avec succès de la Bourse de Shanghai, devenant la première entreprise privée inscrite intégralement en action-A en Chine dans le domaine des véhicules de transport des voyageurs.
Grâce à un réseau mondial de vente, Lifan Group a vendu ses produits dans 177 pays et régions, par exemple : Asie, Europe, Afrique, Amérique latine, etc., en établissant et maintenant le record du plus haut volume d'exportation parmi ses pairs internes de la Chine depuis des années. Lifan a reçu le plus grand honneur en tant que l’"Identité nationale" de Chine, qui rend l'entreprise l'une des 100 entreprises bien connues qui représentent le développement économique de 60 ans de la Chine depuis la fondation de la nation.

Notre usine
Lifan Motors, une force innovante dans l'industrie automobile nationale chinoise.
En janvier 2006, le début du premier modèle au monde -- Lifan 520, qui a marqué que Lifan a officiellement commencé à entrer dans l'industrie automobile.

Selon les investissements massifs dans les projets automobiles, Lifan Group s'est développé en devenant l’une des entreprises avec les chaînes de produits les plus étendues, avec des licences pour produire des séries de produits, par exemple : les voitures de transport des voyageurs, les minicars, les camions, les véhicules spéciaux, les bus, etc. En 2014, le chiffre d'affaires des véhicules de transport des voyageurs de Lifan a atteint à 7,485 milliards de RMB, a augmenté de 18,87%, avec le montant de l'exportation de 6,304 milliards de yuans, a augmenté de 17,79%, gardant le n ° 1 parmi les entreprises de fabrication privée de Chongqing.

Grâce à neuf années d'efforts continuels, Lifan Motors a fait qualitativement des augmentations en capacité, en ligne de produits, en processus de fabrication et en contrôle de qualité. En termes de capacité, les trois usines de Chongqing sont toutes équipées de lignes de production avancées pour l'estampage, le soudage, le revêtement, l'assemblage et le moteur, ainsi que la ligne de test pour la performance dynamique de véhicules entiers. À l'heure actuelle, la 4ème usine est en cours de construction. L'achèvement de toutes les usines susmentionnées permettra de renforcer la capacité de Lifan bien au-dessus de la marque d’1 million.

En termes de ligne de produits, les trois plates-formes principales ont été disponibles pour produire de petits modèles, des modèles compacts et des modèles de taille moyenne / grande. Actuellement, une grande variété de berline, de VUS et de MPV a été produite dans une qualité beaucoup plus élevée.

Maintenant, Lifan Motors offre une large gamme de modèles, par exemple : Lifan 520, 520i, 320, 330, 530, 620, 630, 720, 820, X50, X60, minibus etc., et les ont exportés, il a aussi participé pleinement à la concurrence internationalisée sur le marché mondial.

En termes de voiture de nouvelles énergées, Lifan a développé avec succès des véhicules électriques comme modèles 320 et 620.

Comme prévu, Lifan Motors développera au moins deux nouveaux produits chaque année. Il aura son SUV compact de cross tel que Lifan X50, la maison et l'application commerciale B-Class tels que Lifan 820, MPV de la maison tels que Lifan CA08 débuté en 2014, etc., afin de réaliser le développement stéréoscopique de l'entreprise.

Notre produit
Le groupe Lifan est une grande entreprise privée dévouée sur la recherche et le développement scientifiques incluant la fabrication et la vente des moteurs, des machines générales, des automobiles et des moteurs, entrant également dans la finance, les valeurs mobilières et l’immobilier.

Application du produit
Fondée en 1992, Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd. (ci-après appelé Lifan Group) avec plus de 20 000 employés est l'une des plus grandes entreprises privées en Chine. Lifan Group est une entreprise privée de grande échelle axée sur la recherche scientifique et le développement, tout comme sur la fabrication et la vente de moteurs, machineries générales, motos et automobiles, et il s’est étendu sur les secteurs financiers, immobiliers et de football, qui est également l'une des plus grandes entreprises exportatrices en Chine, étant en avant sur l'exportation parmi les marques automobiles et moto indépendantes chinoises.

Notre certificat
Lifan est le représentant exceptionnel du développement de l'économie privée chinoise, en obtenant un large éloge de la société, Lifan a été décerné comme Marque chinoise connue, Marque chinoise d’honnête, Centre national de R
purchase Rosewood zither

Rosewood Professional playing Zheng
Tian Yun Rosewood Professional surface Zheng, select the finest Rosewood wood for the main materials, meticulously hewing system. Adhering to the "Avenue to Jane" concept, the preservation of Rosewood "true", implicit and introverted, tone treble clear pure, rich and colorful, bass full of transparent.

"Material and Craft"
Red sandalwood is the ten tan nine empty, the largest red sandalwood wood diameter is only about centimeters, to eight hundred or nine hundred years or even thousands of years to be able to grow, its precious degree can imagine, ancient for the Royal Special Timber.

"Main part Configuration"
Premium Lankao Tong Wood Panel
Refined Acid Branch wooden Zheng Code by hand
German imports of steel wire strings
High precision piano chord shaft
ABS high strength synthetic chord eyepurchase Rosewood zither
china 1000FT Cat6 manufacturers

Shenzhen KW-LINK Electronic Co.,Ltd is an integrated enterprises which engaged in structure cabling, cable assembly and computer accessories. We integrate the R
cable control price

Product name: 2 core 0.5 mm outside electrical cable wire distributors house wiring for sale
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: GUANGDONG CABLE
Insulation Material:PVC Type:Low Voltage
Application:Industrial Conductor Material:Copper
Jacket:PVCTrade term:EXW/FOB/CIF
Color:Black Certificate:CCC,IEC,ISO9001,IAF
Standard:IEC,CCC,ISO9001,VDE Conductor:Copper Core
Insulation:PVC Sheath:PVC
Rated voltage:300/500 Volts

1. PVC Insulated
2. Unsheathed
3. Stranded Copper Conductor
4. RVV flexible power cable

Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation of Wiring Burglar Alarm, Public Address Systems,
Intercoms, Telephone Stations, Speakers, Instrumentation, Control and other Low Voltage Circuits that are Power- Limited and anti-interference

450/750v, 2 core/3 core/4 core/5 core Stranded Flexible Copper Condutor Double PVC insulated electrical power cable wire

Nomial coress section mm2Conductor construction
(No./Diameter)Insulation ThicknessThickness of sheathOverall DiameterMaximum D.C. resistance at 20℃(MΩ/km)Minimum insulation resistance at 70℃(MΩ/km)

Q : I didn't find my needed model in this page.
Answer: Dear Friend, e-catalog will emailed to you asap you contact us. Also, we supply customization service. So, contact us !
Q : What's your Minimum Order Quantity?
Answer: Normally, 100 meters. cable control price