Desktop Mini Golf
(774 Plays)

18 holes of mini golf on your desktop.

Cyber Putt
(642 Plays)

Cyber Putt is a fun little mini-game to play when you are bored! It is just like any other...

Mini Golf Arcade
(292 Plays)

Play 18 holes of mini golf and try and get the lowest score as possible. Watch out for...

Putt It In Golf - The Garden Park
(270 Plays)

Super relaxing mini-golf game with high quality graphics to have fun and shape-up your...

Mile High Club
(850 Plays)

Hit the green in as few strokes as possible. Beat par to score. Avoid bunkers. Control...

Graveyard Golf
(289 Plays)

Graveyard Golf is a great miniature golf game set in a spooky graveyard. These 18 holes...

(501 Plays)

Solipskier is a fast paced skiing game where you draw the slopes to pick up speed and...