Roly-Poly Cannon 2


Roly-Poly bugs have settled down in the area. It is time to show these unwanted visitors that they have chosen the wrong place to hang out! Don’t mind their cute appearance, just get rid of them one way or another. Your trusty cannon and an accurate aim is all you need to complete this task.


Eliminate all the Roly-Polys in each level. Use the mouse to aim. Move the mouse further away from the cannon to increase the power. Left click to fire.


johnny-k  roly-poly  cannon  shooting

Date added:

November 20 2010

Number of plays: 767


  • pan_dim_onium - Jan 25 2011, 01:26 Haha, well anyway, this game is interesting but not exactly very fun. The challenge just isnt there and there are plenty of other similar games on this site that are better. []

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