Mexican Train Dominoes

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Flash version of Mexican Train Dominoes.


Use your mouse.
Play all your dominoes!
Additional instructions include in game.


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September 17 2010

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Number of plays: 177


  • Avatar

    pan_dim_onium - Apr 26 2011, 05:25
    My mom actually plays this here all the time. []

  • Avatar

    Tigerbite - Dec 18 2010, 08:14
    Haha, definitely possible! I used to be addicted to it, but haven't played it in awhile. []

  • Avatar

    Hadas - Dec 18 2010, 08:04
    I have to agree with my husband here, this game totally sucks.. I think you just over appreciate very very crappy games ;) []

  • Avatar

    Tigerbite - Dec 15 2010, 12:30
    You suck, this game is amazing. You just can't appreciate old school dominoes! []

  • Avatar

    Dragons Master - Dec 13 2010, 09:38
    You have got to be joking me.. this game is absolute shit. []

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